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Bihari’s are termed as Job seekers!! Right!! Oh Yes, I am absolutely right. But No, Bihari’s are now on the mark to becoming Job Providers. Thanks to Startup India and Make in India movement, now our youth are coming up with brilliant ideas and we are on our way to becoming a state with the dedicated platform to provide numerous jobs to job seekers.

Born out of the real need that is “Employment”, Prakhyat Kashyap, a boy with dreams from a small town in Bihar “Samastipur”, is one of the youngest entrepreneurs. He is among one of the many changemakers with a brilliant startup idea, who are working day and night to make it successful.


Prakhyat did his B.Com from LNMU Darbhanga and was busy hunting jobs. However, ever after trying his best, he could not get a job that could satisfy his professional desires and that could do justice with his skills and ambitions. This was the eureka moment of his life when he realised, “there is education but no Job”. So, what’s the point of getting educated, if you can’t get a right job on any of the available platforms.

To fix this problem, Prakhyat started working on the concept of a platform that will make the task of job hunting easier, and Aadmiwala came up. It is a data-driven smart recruitment platform that enables businesses and candidates connect in-person without the need of any middleman, and job-seekers get job and job-providers get employees.

The Team

Vo kehte hai na – “Musafir to akela hi chala tha, raste milte gae rahi jurte gae”, same happened with Prakhyat. Slowly and steadily people joined him and he had a team that now includes Chandan Mishra, Sanjeev Kumar, Jaya Surbhi, Deepak Surya, Vinay Kumar Chowdhary, Kanchan Kumar Chaudhary, and Chaman Kumar. The young, energetic and vibrant team is on the way to make Bihar a place where nobody is unemployed.

Aadmiwala Card

The Journey, “No Bed of Roses”

This boy had an idea and a vision but was lacking the path to move ahead. When he started pursuing his idea and approaching people with the concept, he got rejected many times; as it happens with all great ideas. Prakhyat’s idea was no different and his journey is also no different from the startup stories we hear.

As, he was facing many rejections, and was losing hope, he found a ray of hope when with an NGO Janhit Paryavaran he made 1000 toilets under Swacch Bharat Abhiyan in MP, where he employed 1000 men to complete the task. It made him realise that there is a need to generate employment first and then automatically people will get jobs.

So, after completing his task of making toilets in MP he returned to Bihar with great enthusiasm and a faith in his heart that the idea is going to work and with this spirit he started working on Aadmiwala.

And as we say, “Manzil to mill hi jaegi bhatakte bhatakte, gumrah to vo hai jo kahi se nikle hi nahi”; and Prakhyat got his way. His startup got recognised as Potential Startup under Bihar Startup Policy and he was awarded Impact Entrepreneur Award from our Honorable Chief Minister, Nitish Kumar. He also received Samastipur Best Entrepreneur Award. This opened doors of success for him.

The Work Is In Progress

Since 2015, Prakhyat is successful in providing jobs to more than 300 people from every corner of Bihar. Isn’t it great, considering the rate of unemployment in Bihar.

Currently, the team is working day and night to the employee as many unemployed people as possible. They organise motivational workshops to motivate youth.

OneCall Aadmiwala

Future Plans

Prakhyat and the team are planning to organise the biggest job fair in Bihar, in which they are targeting to employee at least 500 people. This is not just another plan, they are geared up for many more such events and to do this, they are in touch with more than 20 companies in Delhi to employ people.

Now a query, that must be coming to your mind, “Skilled employees will not have any problem in getting a job, what about the unskilled workforce.” Prakhyat answers, “We will provide skills to the unskilled, we will not stop until every youth has a job.”

This promising youth and his team are full of hopes and enthusiasm. Such fire among Bihari youth will certainly aid in developing Bihar as a state multi-dimensionally.

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