About Us

Started with a vision to be an entertainment portal, covering Page 3 topics of Patna, our vision has now migrated to be a website representing art, culture, news, and the uniqueness of Bihar. We claimed to be “The default source of entertainment, news, and unbiased views on burning topics. We aim to entertain and question you at the same time with all our dedication.”

We often get questioned about the choice of topics we address on our website. People say, we also cover topics which are not at all Page3 content. Well, it is good to be questioned as it helps us in staying on toes and it also inspires us to fulfill the expectations of our audience.

Our answer is, “Earlier Page3 section of news was related to entertainment, movies, events, etc. In a nutshell, it used to be showbiz.” Ironically, the entertainment is now everywhere, the most masala and materials are these days available on the front page.

Be it politics, be it sports, be it movies; all are tangled with each other. Virat (from Sports) and Anushka (from Movies) have become Viruska (Entertainment). Those who are in films (Late Jayalalithaa, Raj Babbar, or Manoj Tiwari), or sports (Navjot Singh Siddhu) today, might end up in Politics tomorrow. The people who are doing social work today might end up being the mastermind (we have examples, from our city itself, but we won’t take name). The person who is a religious guru might end up behind bars, giving masala to news channels and the audience.

So, it’s really tough to distinguish between news segments these days. Still, we try to cover the most recent topics and present our views in front of the audience.


Patna Page3 promises its audience that we’ll be dynamic in our publishing and we will keep re-inventing ourselves to cater our promises with the readers.


We are excited about our new eCommerce initiative. We were planning to launch this in the first week of February 2019. But due to some glitches, we are a bit late. However, we are about to overcome all the hiccups that came our way and about to start this new feature on our website.

We’ll promote some of the brightest and most creative local minds who have some really unique offerings for the people of Patna. Our eCommerce service will be limited to the city of Patna only, we might expand to other cities in later stages.