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The shaktipeethas are the pilgrimage destinations declared sacred to the goddess ‘shakti’, the active feminine energy of shiva and is identified as parvati or Tripura sundari. According to Purana of Hinduism , there are total 51 shaktipeeth in the world. However, it is said that there is total 72 shaktipeeth in devigeeta, 108 in devibhagwat, and 52 in tantrachuramani. The shaktipeeth came into existence in all the places where the body parts, jewellery and clothes of sati had been fallen. most of these places are in india, some in Nepal, Bangladesh and one each in Sri Lanka,Tibet, and Pakistan. Let’s get to know about the story of shaktipeeth in detail.

There was a king called DakshPrajapati, who was the son of Lord Brahma. Sati devi was the daughter of Daksh, she got married to Shiva without the consent of her parents. One day,Daksh organized a yaga and he invited all the devtas except Sati. Though she was uninvited, she still went there. Later, Daksh started disgusting Lord Shiva which Sati was not able to bear and sacrificed herself in the fire of yaga. Knowing this, lord shiva removed a bunch of Jhatha from his head and hit it on earth, from which Lord Veerbhadra was born who killed Daksh by cutting his head.

Immersed in sorrow, Shiva took the body of Sati and started doing Tandav, the world got extremely anxious and to stop this nritya, Vishnu used his sudarshan chakra and cut the body of Sati completely in to 51 pieces. These body parts fallen all over the world and now it is known as Shaktipeethas.

In North India


Part of the body fallen


1.      Kashmir Throat Amaranth
2.      Uttar Pradesh (Mathura) Hairs Katyayani
3.      Uttar Pradesh (Varansi) Right ear Vishalakshi

4.      Uttar pradesh (Illahabad)

Fingers Prayag
5.      Himachal pradesh Tongue Jwalamukhi
6.      Punjab Wamstan Jalandhar
7.      Haryana Right anklet Kurushetra
8.      Tibet Right palm Mansarovar

9.      Bihar

Right thigh Magadh

In west India

State Part of the body Place
10.      Maharashtra (Kolhapur) Eyes Karvir
11.      Maharashtra (Nasik) Chin Jansthaan
12.      Gujarat Stomach, heart Ambaji
13.      Rajasthan (Pushkar) Palm Manivedika
14.      Jaipur Right toes Viratambika

In South India

State Body parts Place
15.      Andhra Pradesh(kaboor) Left forehead Godavari
16.      Tamil nadu(kanyakumari) Teeth Suchindram
17.      Andhra Pradesh (kurnul) cervix Shri shael
18.      Tamil nadu(kanchiwaram) Skeleton Kanchi
19.      Tamil nadu(kanyakumari) Spine Kanyakumari

In East India

State Body parts Place
20.      Assam Genital Kamakhaya
21.      Meghalaya Left Thigh Jayanti
22.      Tripura Right foot Tripursundari
23.      Orissa Navel Virjakshetra, utkal
24.      Jharkhand Heart Vajnath

In west Bengal

Place Body parts
25.      Kirit Head
26.      Athaas Lips
27.      Nandipur Necklace
28.      Nalhati Throat
29.      Bahula Left arm
30.      Tristota Left leg
31.      Vibhas Left ankle
32.      Yugadya Right leg’s thumb
33.      Kaalighat 4 toes of right leg
34.  Vakreshwar Forehead

In Madhya Pradesh

Place Body parts
35.      Ujjayayni Elbow
36.      Shon Right buttock

In the world

Country Body parts Place
37.      Srilanka Anklets Lanka
38.      Nepal Forehead Gandaki
39.      Nepal (Kathmandu) Both knee Guhyeshwari
40.      Pakistan (Baluchistan) Head Hinglaaj
41.      Bangladesh (Sugandh river) Nose Sugandh
42.      Bangladesh (bhawanipur) Left ankle bracelet Kartoyaghat
43.      Bangladesh(chatgaav) Right hand Chahyal
44.  Bangladesh (jaishor) Left palm Yashor

OTHER SHAKTI PEETHAS (whose exact places is not known

45.  Shri parvatshaktipeeth- assam or ladakh

46.  Panchsagarshaktipeeth- not known

47.  Bhairavparvatshaktipeeth- Gujarat or madhyapradesh

48.  Mithilashaktipeeth- Nepal or bihar

49.  Ratnawalishaktipeeth- tamilnadu

50.  Kaalmadhavshaktipeeth

51.  Ramgirishaktipeeth- Madhya Pradesh


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