An Answer to Open Letter By Swara Bhaskar

Dear Swara Bhaskar,

Before proceeding further, I’d like to confirm that I am your huge fan right from the day I witnessed your brilliant acting in Raanjhanaa. You are among one of the most promising faces in Bollywood at present, who is amazingly good at what she does. You have also shown promises with your writings recently, well aware of your rights and vocal enough to speak against issues that concern you. No doubt you are doing great in your zone and I personally look forward to all your new releases.

But, in spite of being your huge fan, I don’t agree with you over your reactions with Padmavat and Mr. Bhansali. Ma’am Padmavat is just a movie, a period film based in the 13th century. Let this movie breathe. Let it be just a movie, made for entertainment purposes. Sanjay Leela Bhansali and his writer’s team must have picked this story for audience entertainment and commercial benefits. They surely must not have wanted this national chaos to happen, neither they planned to do so (I really hope so). An issue which had nothing to do with the development or any good to our country has become the talk of the whole country.


I agree movies being a great influence in our country, but there is surely some difference between facts and fiction which I as an audience surely do understand, then as being in film fraternity you all must focus on making good movies and leave what’s good and what’s bad on our audience to decide.

And ma’am, I think you just forgot that it’s a period movie and it has just portrayed the history and the scenario which happened in the 13th century when the values were totally different and it cannot be changed just to prove your feminist kinda thing right. The words you have chosen to express your whole idea of feminism is entirely immoral.

Swara Bhaskar

Let me remind you, ma’am, the responsibility does not lie with the director only, It’s teamwork and thus actor and actress of Padmavat should also be blamed equally and so, with that logic the actor should also be reduced to a penis. All that in one go. How can you expect and why are you expecting the climax to be changed, it would be “distortion” of history. Then there will not be any fiction movie kind of thing in the film industry. Let fiction movies be in its way and not distort it to glorify your personal interest. Keeping this all aside, don’t you feel that Queen Padmavati made her own choice to be sati, as per history, it’s nothing to do with Sanjay Leela Bhansali or his team, these people just found this story to be told.

And yes, In recent times, I don’t remember any movie except a few in which women have been used as more than just a mere object, or to fulfill mere a norm that if there is a hero there needs to be a heroine. Rare are movies in which women have not been objectified and you are also not new to this since you are the part of this industry from quite sometime now, then why to create so much noise on this. If you can’t accept historical event in a way they are or fiction movies in their own way itself, what’s the point of debate or to make a conclusion over any historical event. Why don’t we take the movie just like entertainment like most of the audience in our country? No need to create so much fuss about it.

Sanjay Leela Bhansali

Ma’am, the one question which I wanted to ask is why did you write this letter when the film is released? Now you are talking about rapes, vagina, and about the right of women. Why didn’t you write when every day a woman is raped in our country? Or why don’t you write every single day when an average of 9-10 girls is being raped in different parts of our country. Haryana has seen almost 3-4 rape cases every day, why don’t you write a letter against the state and central government asking to take some strict action against people acting such heinous crime.

See there is nothing against you or pro for anyone, its all about the right time and right platform, and moreover taking a stand for and addressing the right issue, which needs some serious attention apart from all these crap. So we expect you to make some strong sort of speech and action on some conventional issues.

So, let’s just cut the crap and enjoy this magnum opus.

Your biggest fan

Anubha Rani

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