Be Summer Ready, This Summer With A Glass Of Sattu

The sun is no mercy, the temperature here is 41 degrees, and in this wrenching summer what to have in breakfast is the biggest question.

We Bihari’s have a special drink that is healthy, tasty and a wonderful cooling agent in summer. I think you must have got some idea about this drink. Yes, you are right its “Ek glass Sattu”.The sattu powder is made of a roasted black gram.

Every morning phenomenal in our house during summer mornings:-

Mummy, I am getting late, will not have breakfast; and from the background, after giving a good one minute lecture the solution that comes is .. “Sattu pee lo” (At least have a glass of Sattu).

And the result is mom happy, your tummy happy and believe me it works. You will feel energized and revitalized after having that one glass of Sattu.Bihari Style Sattu

Now let’s talk about the health benefits of having a glass of Sattu every morning:-

  • Summer cooler – It has been used as a cooling agent in rural areas for a very long time, now in urban life also we have adapted it. It actually works, after having a glass of sattu you will not feel quenching thirst, it will not let you feel fatigued after being in sun for a long time also. It prevents your body from heat strokes.
  • Women Friendly – It is good for women during pregnancy and menstruation as it gives the body right amount of energy and replenishes lost nutrients. If taken regularly it also brings your natural glow back, so it’s Skin Friendly So, it’s a win-win for women.
  • Improves Digestion – It is rich in fiber so it improves digestion, it is a great natural remedy for indigestion.
  • Helpful in Cholesterol and Diabetes– It is said that having a glass of sattu every morning actually keeps your blood sugar level in check, and high fiber present in it helps a lot in keeping check of your cholesterol.
  • Nutrients are in checkNutrients Check

Now know the various uses of Sattu apart from having a chilled drink:-

Sattu is not only used for making a chilling summer drink, but it is used in the filling of our very famous Litti Chokha, and the best breakfast Sattu Paratha.

So, Sattu is used in various forms and is an important part of our Bihari cuisine.

Now, this drink can be made in two ways, one is via adding sugar and the second is the salty one.

How to make a glass of sattu:-


  • Chana Sattu
  • Chilled Water
  • Lemon juice
  • Salt to taste
  • Onion and Green chili (according to your preference)
  • Roasted Cumin powder

Add all the above-mentioned ingredients in a jug according to the required quantity and serve the delicious drink that will keep you healthy and summer-proof.

Jhunjhun Sinha

I love citing my thoughts into words, also to learn and surround myself with positive surroundings. I am a painter and passionate about drafting colors into a piece.

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