Beautification of Patna Junction, By Madhubani Painting

After the beautification of Madhubani railway station last year in October by painting the railway station with Madhubani painting, the result of which, once considered the filthiest railway station now stands second best at an All-India railway station beautification contest.

Bindeshwar Pathak, brand ambassador of the Rail Swacch Mission of the Indian Railways and founder of Sulabh International declared Madhubani station “the cleanest station of the country”.

More than 150 artists had adorned the station, in which 80% of them were women.

After beautifying Madhubani railway station, from platform 1-10 and the entrance of Patna Junction will be given an all-new look.  It all will be covered in Madhubani painting.

Under the Swacch Bharat Mission of the center, artists from Madhubani, Patna and few other districts have started the beautification work. They are working from past one month and by this week the work will be completed, and our very own Patna Junction will be in an all-new avatar.

Station Director P K Chaudhary said, “The work will be completed in next 4-5 days, our focus is on achieving the overall transformation of this railway station which has been the heart of Patna from many years”.


The walls are covered with themes like folk arts, rural life, festivals and episodes from the life of Lord Krishna.

One of the artists painting there said, “This art is in my blood. I was also a part of Madhubani station beautification project, and more than two generations in my family have been into Madhubani painting”.

Seeing the beautification process one of the passengers, Nazim Ahmad (from Katihar) said, “The station is looking very good, earlier we only used to find stained walls, the stinky smell coming from every corner, hope this beautification process brings some change here.”

Another traveler said, “It’s great and beautiful to see Patna station all decked up in Madhubani painting, but the main concern starts now, is it going to be maintained in long run? The maintenance is the matter of concern.”

Yes and the public property no matter how good it is decked up, gets ruined after facing low maintenance. Hopefully, its sanctity will be maintained in long run.

Let’s hope for the best, and let’s help the authorities in its maintenance by not staining the station anymore.

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