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One cannot think well, love well, sleep well if one had not dined well. – Virginia Woolf

Good food is a necessity for everyone, but people who stay away from home always face this problem of getting nutritious food. Aditya Chandra, founder of Book My Meal Pvt. Ltd. faced the same problem for a long time while staying away from home. However, like everyone else, he did not take it as destiny and tried to address this problem for one and for all. He said, “I saw immediate and mandatory demand for hygienic food not just among students staying away from home but also among professionals whose schedule doesn’t allow them to get home cooked food to the office. I thought to do something about it and that was the origin of Book My Meal.”

Aditya Chandra


Aditya started Book My Meal in Oct 2016 during Durga Puja and Diwali season. It was a tough time to start it as there was a shortage of delivery people. This was the time when Aditya himself delivered orders and even accepted the tip from happy customers. Then demonetization happened, a move from government to curb black money from the economy, which again gave the negative push to the growth of Book My Meal. However, the team did not lose hope and moved ahead with the vision of revolutionizing this segment.


To start any business, one needs money and to scale it so much money is required. Book My Meal is also no exception. Aditya says, “We received no economic support from the Government.” Without hesitation, he further added, “Startup ecosystem in Bihar is misleading; you get less support and more discouragement. Even the seed funding promised by the government has so many flaws. They do not provide financing addressing actual business needs. So far, Book My Meal is a self-financed or a bootstrapped company.


Expansion – Book My Meal is looking towards expansion. They earlier had the plan to expand to Tier-II cities, but now they are eyeing towards metropolitans like New Delhi and want to make a difference between the huge demand and supply for quality Tiffin packed food. They want to go national in food delivery segment but not like other aggregators in the industry. They want to do it with their own kitchen.

Quality Assurance – Quality is the most important aspect for any food-based startup. Therefore, they are focusing on the quality of food, the temperature of delivered food, as well as the packaging. They are also trying to improve tracking of their deliveries. So that customers can stay updated with the current status of their orders.

Service Additions – Book My Meal is going to introduce some new concepts in the market. One of them is “Book My Meal Junior”, where they have plans of providing accurate nutrition to school kids as per their age, height, and weight. They will also track the health of kids quarterly, and based on that diet plan will be decided by expert nutritionists and dieticians.

Another revolutionary plan by Book My Meal is, Jashn; where they aim to provide a no-frills solution for theme based catering needs. They will not only serve food but end-to-end solutions of catering.


Talking about success Aditya said, “Definition of success is entirely different for different people, you might be finding me successful but in my opinion, I am struggling to survive even today. Earlier it was for survival now it is for maintaining the position I have in my niche.” – Right, reaching at the top requires a lot of hard work and struggle but maintaining that position is tough.


For future entrepreneurs Aditya has three questions to ask yourself before starting up:

  1. What to Start,
  2. Why to Start, and
  3. When To Start

He says, Your idea should be innovative, attractive, and to solve a real-life problem. He also gives stress to being productive rather than being busy.


In the short span of 15 months from its inception, Book My Meal has delivered 75000+ meals, has corporate tie-up with Godrej, HDFC, SBI, Havells, TVS, Axis Bank, TOI, Paras, IFFCO and many more to count. Their app has received more than 9000 downloads on App Store. They are accelerating their growth now and aim high in the year 2018. Their current team consists of approx 20 people and they are aiming to expand their team to fuel their growth plans.

A big High Five to Book My Meal for their future.

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