Chandni Who Ruled Silver Screen For Decades Is Twinkling In The Sky Now

Chandni of Bollywood, who ruled billions of hearts with her fabulous charm on the silver screen, left us on Saturday after a cardiac arrest in Dubai. Though postmortem reports say a different story of death by drowning, however that’s a totally different story altogether. She was in Dubai to attend the wedding of her nephew with husband Boney Kapoor and younger daughter Khushi Kapoor. The incident left an entire nation in shock and anguish.

Born in Sivakasi, the firecracker town of Tamil Nadu on Aug 13, 1963, Sridevi began her career at the age of four as a child artist in Tamil film “Thunaivan” in 1969 and later went on working in several other films including Malayalam, Telugu, Kannada and Bollywood films. The Sridevi phenomenon in Hindi films started with “Solva Sawan” in 1978, although she got the exposure only after the release of film “Himmatwala” five years later. She enjoyed a career span of four decades since then and lived a lavish lifestyle.


The fluttering eyes in the movie “Chandni” and freakish accessories she wore in “Mr. India” portrayed her chulbuli side. The way she carried the beautiful but heavy headgear in Mai Hawa Hawai and Roop Ki Rani Choro Ka Raja was just mind-blowing. No one else could have done the justice with such characters other than Sridevi. The elegance and grace with which she carried herself in the movie “Lamhe” had left abiding impact on entire nation which is something hard to forget.

SriDevi in Lamhe

Sridevi was awarded Padma Shri in 2013 and was the recipient of Filmfare Best Actress award five times after being nominated ten times. She grabbed Filmfare award for her remarkable performance in the movie “LAMHE” directed by Yash Chopra.

She acted in more than 300 films including movies in South India. If we look at her life journey, there is a lot to learn from her. Well, one thing is definite, life is too short to have ego and grudges for anyone. Enjoy little things, happiness is all around yourself, it starts with you. No doubt she was a splendid actress and was considered as the first female superstar of Hindi cinema with name, fame, stardom, money and everything else to live a comfortable life, but her personal life was never out of troubles.

SriDevi in English Vinglish

Sridevi was very close to her mother. She was a controlling figure in her life both in personal and professional affairs. There was a time when she was in love with Mithun Chakraborty, but her mother never liked their relationship and eventually, they got separated. For some time Sridevi shifted to the United States for the treatment of her mother. She was shooting for Boney Kapoor’s film and people say they came closer during the shoot. Though Boney Kapoor was already married and everybody was against their marriage, still they got married in 1996 and soon after Sridevi took a break from her film career.

After her marriage, she gave all her time to the family and daughters Jhanvi and Khushi. Despite everything good in her life, she was never accepted by Kapoor family as Boney’s dad was completely against this relationship. She never expressed her unhappy side in front of everyone but it was evident. Arjun Kapoor’s mom died one month prior to the release of his film, and Sridevi died one month prior to the release of the movie of her daughter.


There are several other controversies related to her life. All we can say that expectations are good, being ambitious is good, but not at the cost of other’s happiness. We all seek happiness outside, we keep looking for reasons to be happy, but in all this anxiousness we forget to live and to be happy. Happiness is not outside, it lies within. And life is too short to be wasted in endless discovery for happiness.

Khari Hai Khoti Hai, Rone ko Choti hai.
Dhagey Se Khusiyon Ko Silti Hai, Darji Hai.
Sau Gram Jindgi Yeh.

Sridevi lived her Sau Gram of life, and now her soul is resting in peace. She was the Roop Ki Rani and she’ll always be the one, for her die-hard fans. She didn’t die, she just changed her place from this mortal world to immortal abode of gods.

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