Corporate Cricket League 2018: Few Unknown Facts

Bihar is progressing with each passing year, be it glamour industry, reality shows, sports events or any such event. Corporate cricket league is one such fine example of progressive Bihar. Bihar is organising IPL in its own way with a social message of making Bihar dowry and a drug-free state. This is the second season of CCL which is being organised in Moinul Haq stadium Patna from 1st February to 12th February respectively.

Anumaya Human Resource Foundation is organising CCL in collaboration with Event4u of which trophy was launched on 24th December, prominent members present there were, M.L.C Suraj Nandan Kushwaha, Professor Ranveer Nandan, Director of N.G town Sanjay Singh,  Namita Singh, Best Orthopaedic Dr Amulya Singh, Dr Manisha Singh, President of Jagran Sangini club Dr Mona Tripathi with others members of club, President of BJP medical cell Dr Manoj Kumar with other respective well-known personalities were present at the trophy launch of CCL-2.

Cake cutting for CCL-2018
Dr. Manisha Ranjan on trophy launch

Mrs Asia Universe Dr.Manisha Ranjan, “a perfect combination of both beauty and brain”, is the Brand Ambassador of Corporate Cricket League-2.

Last year on the eve of Dhanteras this whole idea of CCL was launched with the motive of keeping environment pollution free. Last year 16 team were there to compete for the trophy in the race to become CCL champion. This is something which is not less than a milestone in making Bihar known for something different. One most interesting fact about this CCL is players who will be playing in the league are professional players, that too state levels.

CCL members with Trophy of ccl-2018
Trophy Launch of CCL-2018

This is such significant platform to encourage players who are not so well recognized as it will give them an exposure to exhibit their talent before some renowned personalities.The jersey will be launched on 10th January that will be accompanied by young achievers award and calendar launch event.

Through the concept of Young Achievers Award- CCL is trying to motivate people who are doing good in their respective fields, what does a recognition does to your confidence we all know.

So Patna is ready to experience vibes of IPL in your own city with of course full on glamour tadka and we can say these are just the beginning and there is a lot more to come in coming days.

If you wish to participate or know more about Corporate Cricket League feel free to call- 7827292554.


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