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There is not a single day when we get up from our bed and don’t see any news related to scam and this has now become a part of everyone’s “To Read List”. Seriously you can’t turn a page of a newspaper without a story of scam. Be it PNB fraud scam or Rotomac scam or be it the INX Media case of Karti Chidambaram and the most recent SSC scam. It seems like, scams are just what is happening our country. If we go through history, it is an ocean for India. Not 10 or 20 it can go for thousands of pages if we start writing a thesis on the scams that happened in our country.

But the resent SSC scam shook me a bit, living in a country like India where education is more than just gaining knowledge. It’s a pious thing and is worshipped by every student and scam in a thing which is sanctity for everyone is a shock altogether.

Sometimes it seems like we need Vitamin M (i.e money) for everything we wish or want to happen. Gone are the days when you just needed to work hard to get the desired job or college of your dreams, now it’s easy if you are immunized by Vitamin M, this is the only thing needed to get where you want or to get the job of your dreams.

Whether its government system or corporate, not a single office or system is untouched with scams and corruption kind of stuff.

What this SSC Scam is all about-

This scam which is in the spotlight since few days, pertains to CGL Tier-2 exams, which was held across the country from 17th February to 22nd February, with 1,89,843 aspirants appearing to fill 9,372 vacancies.

However SSC scam is something which is affecting directly the career of students and for that, it needs serious consideration. On 21st of February after the screenshot of objective type question with their answer went viral, SSC cancelled the exam giving the reason “Technical Failure”. As soon as the notice came out, there was an outrage among the students and soon it became the moment. Students were asking for CBI Investigation as there were several issues which required consequential investigation after all future of many is entrusted upon this.

Not only in Delhi but students remained united from other states too such as Bihar, Bareilly, in short students from all over the country students were united on this issue. Along with the CBI investigation students also want normalisation of SSC exams, lack of standardisation in the difficulty level of question paper is also one of the prominent issues that students had been facing since long-this was raised previous year also. The lack of standardisation means that different candidates get different question paper that varies in level of difficulty.

According to an aspirant Sapna Kumari- “We are not able to understand the government’s ignorance towards the normalisation of SSC exams. It seems like having a job through SSC is not the matter of hard work anymore, it’s only the matter of luck.”

Also from last few years some seats remain vacant because many students do not join the department. So in case, they are demanding for reserve list so that it could get other aspirants to grab the opportunities.

Effects of Scam-

Since the day the scam has taken the form of movement, it has shaken the entire country, not only the students are on road fighting every bit of it for their rights to be heard but many prominent leaders have also come in support of aspirant students. From Manoj Tiwari to Arvind Kejriwal and Shashi Tharoor to home minister Rajnath Singh everyone came in support of the student for the demand of CBI Investigation. Initially, the commission had rejected the allegation but after the protest started taking a massive form, a CBI probe has been ordered by the government and the Supreme Court will hear the plea in this case.

Such incidents have raised questions about the reliability of education system in our country. Although such scams have shaken the confidence of the public in government and its various system. We really need a strong legal system which can take serious action and speedy investigation into consideration in these type of cases.

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