Patna Girls making your “Moments” special

“They are a dreamer, a doer, a thinker, they see possibility everywhere”

This is about two friends Surbhi and Khushboo who believed in what they do, they turned their passion into the profession. To be able to dream and follow one’s passion is fortune and it requires a lot of courage, these two college going girls have both.


Surbhi and Khushboo both are in 2nd year of college, pursuing their bachelor degree and they already are entrepreneurs. Both the girls are childhood friends and share the same hobby of creativity; they make handmade cards and gifts. Earlier it was just a hobby, when asked when did you decide to pursue it as a profession? Surbhi says, ”I always had this vision in my mind, I used to tell Khushboo during our way back from coaching that let’s pursue this as our career option, we will get paid, but then we would end up saying koi kuch pay nahi karega iske liye, but when friends and relatives started appreciating and giving value to our work we decided we will pursue it and the responses from customers gave our motto a boost.”

Further on being asked about the support from the family they say, “No we are not getting their support, we hail from a family where you get educated to do sarkari naukri, being a girl and doing something of our own is a big deal. Now, as slowly we are getting recognised they have started supporting us a bit, but every now and then they try to divert us to pursue banking, SSC and other competitive exams. But we are now sure about our path and we believe they will also support us someday with all their heart.”

The innocence and dreams these girls have is overwhelming, Surbhi says, “There was a time I used to tell Khushboo. “Dekh lena hamara bhi interview hoga ek din. On which, Khushboo would say don’t think that much and when actually we had our first interview we answered it exactly the way we used to in our imaginations.”

On being asked where do you see yourself in a year, they both with a heartfelt laugh said, “In one year we want Name, Fame and Money (and after a pause) – also support and recognition from our family”.

Talking about the best moment of this short journey, they said, “When we met Rj Anjali and she promoted our work on her show that was a moment when we realised the worth of our work”.

Their dreams don’t end here. They dream of owning an Indian Food Chain worldwide. They say if Dominos can be so widespread why not Indian cuisines.

Their clients are not only from Patna, they are from all over India like, Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai, Allahabad, Lucknow and even their clients are international, they have a client from Singapore too.

On telling about their work they say, ”We don’t have delivery boys, we deliver our work ourselves because we love to see that satisfaction that appraisal on our customers faces. It gives us the ultimate satisfaction and for us customers, satisfaction is everything”

Moments Handmade Gift photo frame

This year on 1st January they had the first anniversary of Moments; till now they have made more than 70 cards ranging from (INR 300-INR 5000). They got appreciation from Commissioner Of Police, Anand Kishore himself. All prominent newspapers have interviewed them and appreciated their work. They were invited to put a stall in Patna Club during Saavan Mahotsav.

So, they are doing their best to change the handmade gifts segments and want to deliver a message, ”Do things that you actually believe in, and you will get your path to walk.”

Right now they are taking orders via Facebook and Instagram. Their work is appreciable, they are great at what they do and are proving that hobbies can be a great career choice too.

These are two small girls hailing in an environment where they are not supported for their dreams but are not giving up and doing their best.

Isn’t it great people, these two girls show the difference between a thinker and a doer. You just need to try and give it a shot, things will start falling into place. Let’s give them our love and support by spreading the words about their work.Their Facebook page is: and on Instagram, they can be found at:

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