“Gully Boy” Themed Open Mic Event Witnessed Talent from Every Gully of Patna

Not more than one year ago, Open Mic events were rare in the city of Patna. But today, every other weekend, one can see such events being organized in some of the other parts of the city. Patna Page 3 was a flag bearer in organizing Open Mic event when we co-hosted one of the first such events with Café Hideout.

As a multi-cultural city, Patna was the cultural hub in the country for a long time. Be it literature, arts, or sculpture, we were the best. However, since the past two decades, the talents in the city were hidden due to lack of ample opportunities.

Open Mic events encourage people from different walks of life to share their original work or even the work inspired by their favorite authors and poets. Not everyone who writes is comfortable performing in public but being in the company of like-minded, warm, and unbiased audience often acts as a catalyst to encourage people to perform.

The beauty of Open Mic lies in the fact that no session can be re-created. Every session is unique in its own way and thus the audience can expect something different in every session.

Many entities are organizing Open Mic events in Patna, but Patna Page3 is totally different from others. We follow a theme, which provides a different perspective on the topics. We create a social space where performers are able to polish their skills and individuals, especially youngsters are encouraged to express themselves through writing, poetry, and RAP. To add to it, the laid back and serene atmosphere serves as the perfect setting to inspire creativity. Our events are focused on performing arts like poetry, spoken word, music, and stand-up comedy and we do not discriminate between experts and amateur talent.

On 3rd March 2019, Patna Page 3 again organized an Open Mic event on the “Gully Boy” theme. The venue partner was SAALT Food Court in Central Mall, and the event was supported by leading consumer electronics brand Zebronics.


The event was more hit than we were expecting. Though participants and the audience faced a lot of difficulty in reaching a venue due to the Prime Minister’s rally and another problem was caused by unexpected rains. Still, participation was overwhelming. The Open Mic event was categorized into three segments:

RAP – The kind of response and talent we saw in RAP was unbelievable. Approx. 30% of participants were in this segment. Some of the rappers were too good to be judged by the time limitations we offered them. Their talent filled performance and enthusiasm was enough to ignite the fire on the stage.

If you ever sit down and compile a list of things India is famous for, rap music wouldn’t be on most people’s list. Over the past few years though, some gifted rappers have been quietly cultivating an organic movement and they’re moving at a rapid pace. And the rappers who were winners in this segment are future stars.

Sameer Singh was the winner in the RAP segment, followed by Anand Ray. Kishan Addict got special considerations by the audience and the jury.

Standup Comedy – Make people laugh, and you will get their attention. Hit people in the funny bone and you have a chance to hit them in the heart and gut as well. Open Mic event had many stand-up comedy artists but Amit Kashyap won everyone’s heart and was declared the winner, whereas Ravi was the runner-up.

Poetry – Bihar is the land of poets. The soil of Bihar gave birth to several poets who had a deep impact on literature and poetry lovers. This open mic event also saw some brilliants young minds who are trying their pen in poetry. The winners Priyanshu Shekhar and the runner up Shalini proved that if given proper guidance and opportunity they have the power to shine brightly.

The event concluded on a promising note. Patna Page 3 is going to support each and every participant of the Open Mic event and we will try our best to groom them and provide an audience to their talent. We’ll provide more coverage to the event in our subsequent posts. So stay tuned and keep visiting www.patnapage3.com.




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