Increasing Craze of Fashion Shows in Patna

Fashion shows in Patna used to be a normal affair earlier with hardly a dozen of models participating in an event, but the situation is not the same today. Over the years, the number of fashion shows as well as youngsters participating in such shows has increased. No doubt people of Patna and especially the younger generation has become more aware and less reluctant about every latest development in the fashion industry.

Rise of fashion shows in patna

Interestingly, youngsters aspiring to enter this show base industry are not only from Patna but from different corners of Bihar, like Nalanda, Bihar sharif, Chapra, Samastipur, Siwan etc. However this change has been pretty much awesome as people are moving towards becoming more fashionable and concerned about their look and presenting themselves which is really important nowadays.

Since past few years Patna has witnessed new fashion shows very frequently. It seems like fashion shows are being organized in abundance and they are good for sure. Such fashion shows helps in boosting the confidence of many youngster aspiring to be a model and want to establish themselves in this glamour industry.

Fashion shows in patna

Its magnificent that youngster from small towns are breaking the stereotypes and are fighting for their dreams passionately. At the same time people who are organizing such events and providing a platform to youngsters is also commendable. Today, every person is concerned about the brands of clothes and accessories they wear.


Fashion shows like Mr. and Miss Bihar, Mr. and Miss Bihar Perfect, Mr and Miss Patna and many more events are being organized every year which is encouraging young boys and girls to try their luck and achieve their dreams. People like Pranati Rai who belongs to Patna, won the title of India’s next top model show (MTV), Shilpa Singh, the girl from Samastipur who represented India in miss universe 2012 pageant is truly a role model for youngster in Patna who have big dreams  in spite of being from small towns. Not only these two but there are many more such names who are making Patna and Bihar proud by their outstanding achievements.

winner of India's next top modelshilpa singh represented India in miss universe 2012

Such initiative also helped youngsters to enrich their knowledge about latest fashion and at the same time has helped them in breaking their narrow mentality related to this field especially of parents who get scared in the name of fashion and glamour industry. Though, the change is good but in order to make this all more easy at participant’s end, there is a lot more to do in this field. For sure, it will take time which is necessary for sustainable growth of fashion industry in Bihar. As proud Bihari, we have to be ready for more proud moments. The pace with which Patna is witnessing more fashion shows, involvement of celebrities and corporate houses, and rise of top models from Bihar at national and international levels, will make it easy for Bihar to be established as a fashion hub in Eastern India.

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