Love in the Air- Just feel it..

Love is in the Air!!! Roses around everywhere !!! Ahh, so we have entered the month of February, everyday of which is a celebration of some new stories, month of different shades of reminiscence, Month of expressing love, A Month when your heart is full of joy, happiness, and Ecstasy.

This is the season of love. Yes, Valentines week we say it, when you can see people madly in love holding hands in hands, of course with couple of vibrant red roses carrying in hand side by side. It all start with Rose day on 7th Feb and end up on 14th Feb with the celebration of Valentine’s Day. But in between my friend its a river of fire that you have to go through. Yeah its long way because each day is defined with some purpose and has defined fidelity.

14 Feb

After you have expressed your endearment to your loved ones, its propose day that comes in frame where you express your feelings in front of your beloved. And it continues followed by Teddy Day, Chocolate Day, Promise Day, Hug Day, Kiss Day and finally Valentines Day. Though everyone has their own story to tell and believe me every story is beautiful, no matter you get your destination or not. Memories is all that matters which we cherish our entire life.

People accept it or not, but we all have met that typical Aashiq once in our lifetime who use to irritate us with their stupid stuff like sending flowers on our home,keeping flowers and chocolate in our school bags during the interval and lunch session and yes not to forget those special date that use to happen on the stairs of third floor, Sending roses through the help of best friends. Ha Ha!!!

It changes you !!! it change the perception to see the things in way you see it. But definitely it’s much more deeper than sending dozen of roses on a specific day. Love is what make you sing even when you are a bathroom singer, it makes you dance, even if you are that typical brother in law of every marriage who perform that mandatory Nagin Dance. Yes you Do these crazy things When you are in love, you innovate many such insane sort of things to just see that million dollar smile on the beautiful face of your loved ones.

Red heart tree

Love is the most amazing thing that happens to you, its about seeing smile on your bae’s face every morning you look at them, its about to be the reason of that smile, it’s about looking into each others eyes all night under the stars, it’s all about sitting on the seaside adrift in the moment, like the blue, tranquil, peaceful, gliding sea. This is exactly what you feel when you are in love. Don’t you ??? Everyone do. And let me tell you guys, we all should fall in love once beyond any limitation and expectation.

Valentines Day!!! Ton of hopes is what it bring with itself. Yes!!! There are many singles who wait 365 days to get Mingle. People have so much faith on this Valentines Day that they choose this month of love, to express their fondness and emotions towards the one they are madly in love. This is one side though but everyone should take up this whole “Valentines Day” scene in a sporty way. Rejection is the part of life and it should be taken as on a positive note. And people let me tell you the best thing about this wonderful feeling of the entire Universe is, It Inspire you more than anything else and it do in a best way possible.

First Love

Finding partner for life though not an easy game, for that you need to go through a long list which you have made over the years, In Fact everybody has. It take time to find your Mr perfect but once you find it, it can never be replaced with anything in the world and trust me nothing is nicer than having someone who appreciates you in the smallest thing, Accept you in times of hardship, Comfort you when you are troubled, Loves you unconditionally no matter what, and is simply happy for having you in their life. Yes that’s love my friend.

As the Beatles once sang “love is all you need” and yes that is so true. It’s important to share your love and that too throughout the year but valentine day is celebrated as the occasion to do something special for whom you love, to plan surprises for them, to make them feel special by doing small little things that brings joy of happiness on their face. So People explore every Dazzling colors of Life, Fall in Love, Do silly things and Adore the beauty which is holds with itself.

Anubha Rani

I'm an avid reader, a foodie, and a movie buff; who is passionate about the positivity around us. I love to dream and convert those dreams into words. At one moment I'm inside a shell and the very next moment I'm the ferocious one. Dynamism is my forte. Apart from being a dreamer, I'm also a woman with a beating heart and a curious mind questioning traditional social norms. I'm a rebel at one moment and just opposite at the very next moment. My fuel is the smile of my son, the happiness of my family, and lots of coffee. I'm also not ashamed of spending money on buying books and to fill my (always empty) stomach.

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