Bihar’s fashion fraternity is now ready for the next Miss Bihar event as the second round of audition was completed in hotel Gargi Grand. Around 300 contestants from different regions of Bihar participated in the run for grabbing the crown with full of confidence and enthusiasm. Winning Miss Bihar title is quite a prestige among young girls in Bihar these days.

Every contestant present there gave the best of themselves, be it Cat-walk, or in the talent round, showing the best of talent they had. They were beaming with the confidence in whatever they performed in front of the jury. They tried their luck by performing with their best forte, be it singing or dancing in front of the jury members. This time the jury members included finalists of Miss India and Miss Bihar 2015-2016, first runner-up Miss Bihar Tanu, Miss Tourism, and 2015-2016 second runner-up Miss Bihar ascendant, fashion choreographer Manish Chandesh, film director Sanjay Singh, fashion designer Ashish Ranjan. Contestants were judged on the basis of their beauty, communication skills, IQ, personality scale and many others criteria.

Organizer of Miss Bihar and the director of Ocean Vision Praveen Sinha said that this is not just a beauty pageant contest but also a step towards women empowerment which will help them come out of their comfort zone and show their talent to the world.


This is the 11th season of Miss Bihar where the daughters of Bihar are showcasing their talent. No doubt the girls in Bihar has gone bold in last few years. One of the jury members added that there is a lot of talent in Bihar, they just need to be groomed properly and events like Miss Bihar provides the perfect platform for such talents.

Youths from Bihar are representing Bihar nationally and internationally.This has helped many aspiring youths in boosting their confidence which will pay them in long run to achieve their dreams.

Anubha Rani

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