Mithila Painting To Beautify Government Buildings In Madhubani

Art speaks where words are unable to explain and what’s better than having your city wrapped around with artistic Mithila painting. Madhubani is going to get a complete makeover with beautiful Mithila painting all around. Yes people, Mithila painting which has amused art lovers in almost all part of the world will be seen on all government buildings in Madhubani.


The Madhubani District Administration has announced this during a meeting of officials and has planned to prettify the villages as well as the walls of government building in order to promote the Mithila art and artists who make stunning painting that leaves people awestruck.

Shirsat Kapil Ashok, DM of Madhubani mentioned further that the circuit house has already been decked up with beautiful paintings illustrating the scenes of Ramayana and also the seven resolves of Chief Minister Nitish Kumar along with other social issues. Administrative building of Khajauli Block and Vivah Bhawan at Nawani Village in Jhanjharpur block of the District was also painted with various shades of Mithila art. Earlier about 200 houses in Jitwarpur village have already been painted in the Mithila style.

Mithila Art

Jitwarpur is basically renowned for producing one of the excellent artisans and many of them are in the business of Madhubani painting so I suggested them to get their homes painted to attract the attention of tourists. It will also help artists to showcase their talent to the visitors” – the DM said, last year Madhubani Railway Station was entirely transformed with the Madhubani painting that has been a major attraction for the people there. Several local artists were invited for this project that was taken up by East Central Railway on October 2. The project was initiated under the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan. The Administration is now working on renovating Madhubani District Collectorate with beautiful Mithila painting.

This is one fine initiative to utilise the rich talent that we have. We hope to see the magnificent art in other cities too in near which will grab the attention of tourists as well as others and at the same time it will promote our culture and spectacular talent we have.

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