Padmavati Or Padmaavat – The Right and Wrong Behind The Issue

Padmavati a “National Issue” which shook the whole country, from past few months it’s among the most sought-after topic in the news and social media. Through the course of Padmavati’s journey to rename it Padmavat and now to theatres, Padmavati has faced many hardships till now. Despite the CBFC given its nod to the movie with some cuts and changed its name to Padmavat, the controversy is not set to rest which ideally should stop now.

It all started when Sanjay Leela Bhansali was shooting for his movie in Rajasthan with his crew members. Director himself along with other crew members was manhandled by the group of people from Karni Sena just because of the rumours about a dream sequence where Rani Padmavati and invader Allauddin Khilji were in an objectionable situation.


Undoubtedly, India is an independent country and Indians have right to freedom of speech in their constitution. However, freedom of speech doesn’t give anyone right to violence just in the name of protest to save culture.

The movie is all about sacrifices made by Rajputs for their community and everything has been portrayed beautifully. It’s a tribute to Rani Padmavati. Karni Sena with whatever their motive is has presented distorted facts and created misconceptions among people from the very beginning. According to the Censor Board and other critics who were present at the screening of movie clearly mentioned that there is no instance of Rani Padmavati or any other woman being demeaned or disrespected in the film.

The issue witnessed several instances of violent protests, vehicles were set on fire, and the most heinous act was stone pelting in Gurugram on a school bus. Seriously, do we need such immoral acts to impose ban on a movie.

It’s well known that these protests are just baseless tactics, influenced by some political leaders (better say goons) who just want to appease their bosses. Freedom of speech and expression does not give anyone right to say just anything about the film, filmmaker, or anything else without watching the movie or knowing the history behind it.

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It’s time to hit theatres and show our support to the film and for all the people who are involved in in the making. The film is now released all over India expect Rajasthan, Haryana, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat and Bihar. By making this film a blockbuster hit, let’s put a tight slap on all such hooligans who were engaged in the violent protest.

Have we ever seen Karni Sena members, when rapes and other atrocities with women happen in their home state of Rajasthan or neighbouring state of Haryana. Why don’t they protest for justice to the needy? The ideal thing would be to let everyone use their right to freedom of speech and expression and let them decide whether the movie is distorting the history or demeaning the reputations of Rajput. No one has the right to decide or put a verdict on behalf of everyone else.

There are many real issues that needs significant attention, but no one is interested in them. We need to change our mindset and contribute our part to uplift the society.

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