The much-awaited event Patang Umang of 2018 is over. As expected, the event was a huge hit. The honest labour of government machinery, officials responsible for organizing the event, and all the participants deserve credit for the success of this event.

After the tragic incident that happened last year during Kite Festival 2017; where the city of Patna lost many citizens; very few people were expecting it to happen this year. However, Patna and Patnaites are known to have a different nerve. The city and citizens have illustrated their enthusiasm and energy repeatedly and wiped the bad memories from their mind to create new memories. Be it the stampede during Chhhath Puja 2012, or the unfortunate event during Dussehra 2014; Patnaites know how to wipe their tears and gear up for the next joy life has to offer.

Patna Patang Umang

Sri Krishna Smarak Vikas Samiti, the authority responsible for management of Gandhi Maidan and SK Memorial Hall in Patna started organizing this event since 2016 on the eve on Makar Sankranti every year. The man responsible for the event was Mr. Anand Kishore, Divisional Commissioner Cum Chairman, Sri Krishna Smarak Vikas Samiti. During his addressing at the event, Mr. Kishore thanked the citizens or Patna and all participants who graced the city with their presence during Patang Umang 2018. He also announced that the city will host Spring Festival in the month of February, before closing their address notes.

The District Magistrate of Patna, Kumar Ravi gave a very powerful lesson to all the attendees. He said, “Kites truly illustrate the real philosophy of life. If we live our life with patience and dedication while staying on the right path, we can reach to any desired height in life.”

Patang Umang Event

Patang Umang 2018 was a multicolored event. There was not only charm of flying kites and showing skills in this old sport, but also there were several cultural performances, competitions and music performances by budding artists of the state. Such events really add fuel to the charm of the city and provide necessary joy to the citizens.

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