Patna Is Ready To Welcome St. Valentine

The week of romance and the festival to celebrate love is here now. Patnaites are excited about it and eager to celebrate the grandeur of this festival in grand manners. The popular hangout places, restaurants, cafés and malls are filled with heart shaped balloons and the aura of Valentine’s Day is in the air.

A Welcome Change

While talking to PatnaPage3 on the topic, an excited restaurant owner said, “In past couple of years, Patna as a city has changed a lot. Earlier youngsters were scared to come out in open and things used to be between the couple and public display of affection was a thing to be afraid of. However, Patna of today is rapidly adopting metro culture and today’s youth are coming out and accepting public display of love and affection. Valentine’s Day is the occasion when they can make things kind of official in front of their friends and family.” He further added, “We, being the part of this eco-system want to support youth by offering them a place to celebrate love. So, we are all decked up to make their celebration a special and memorable one.”



Gift shops are filled with numerous gift items, stuffed animals, and valentine cards to choose from. Multi-flavored chocolates and other custom goodies for lovers are hot this Valentine’s season. PatnaPage3 team decided to find out what’s hot this year for love birds in the city and we came up with compilation of hottest things in the city this love season.

Flower shops around the city are all decked up with Red, Yellow, and White Roses along with lilies, and orchids. They have something to offer to everyone. Though the price of a rose it multiplied during the week of love, still it doesn’t deter love birds from buying and gifting flowers to their love in their own defined budget.


What’s HOT

Popular hangout places are not only decorated to give Valentine’s Day feel, but also came up with multiple offers and exciting games to lure couples. Owner of the famous “Roof-Top Café” said, “We organized a compatibility contest for couples and the winners will get a free date in our restaurant. In addition to this, we are also offering 10% discount on all bakery items.”

An excited couple, Piyush and Nupur said, “We recently completed a year together and this Valentine’s Day is our second. We are planning to celebrate it with lunch at a special place in special setting.” of Many such couples in the city are busy making plans for the Valentine’s Day. To make their planning easier, PatnaPage3 compiled a list of exciting happenings and options in the city, which are as follows:


Tattoo – An Expression of Love

Who doesn’t get inspired from their favorite celebrities? Saif Ali Khan’s tattoo exhibiting the name of his love on his left hand made a rage and many of their fans followed this gesture. Now, it’s a trend to carve the name of beloved on the body.

Tattoo making industry experienced sudden growth in the city. A tattoo shop owner in Boring Road says, “This is the gift of Bollywood and metro culture, people show their commitment via tattoos.”






Valentine’s Special Musical Evening


BLAST OF LOVE, Happy Valentine’s Day


Romance Speaks: Test Your Bond


EROS @ Hotel Amalfi Grand


So love birds, gear up to welcome this season of love and pick your favorite ones from the list specially curated for you. We’ll keep adding more places and events on this page.

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