This year Patna is all set to host Full-Marathon; this decision has been made after seeing a great response from Patnaities to Patna Half Marathon last year. This year the marathon will happen on 25th November 2018, as said by the district administration on Sunday.

The expected participation this year is around 10,000 not only from Patna but also from different states in Bihar. Divisional commissioner Anand Kishor said on Sunday that – “People interested to participate in Marathon can register themselves from 16th August to 30th October, in four categories – 4km, 10km, 21.1km, and 42.2km, the route of the marathon will be announced soon. He further added that the marathon area will be divided into four zones”
Further asked about the traffic and safety of town, and other required safety measures, Kishor said –

  • The district administration has asked PMC to clean Gandhi Maidan and other areas where the marathon is supposed to happen a week before the event.
  • 10 medical teams are to form, comprising of doctors and paramedical staffs, for any medical emergency.
  • The ambulance must be ready to meet any mis-happenings.
  • 12 mobile Toilets
  • 30 Urinals
  • 20 bio-toilets needs to be set up
  • 12 water stations, 5 water ATMs with 6 volunteer on each
  • Proper facility of juice and glucose for participants.

Also, entertainment zones on the way on the way of the marathon will be made. States art and cultural heritage will also be on display.

The entertainment zones will mostly display state government’s campaigns against child marriage, dowry and liquor consumption through street play.

Till now we have this much information about the marathon, prices, routes and other details like where and how to register, we will be providing you with time. Stay tuned with us.

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