Pran- We hated him, but we love him

“Barkhurdar, Is ilake me naye aye ho, warna sher Khan ko kon nahi pehchanata”. Yes, This is one of the famous dialogue of Pran Sahab. Born on 12th  February 1920, Pran sir was a brilliant actor who has been honored with Padma Bhushan in 2001 as well as Dadasaheb Phalke Award in 2013. Late Pran Krishan Sikand, who is popularly known as Pran in Film Industry had worked in more than 350 films and has received several awards for his outstanding contribution to the Hindi film industry. Here are some of the amazing facts related to him.

  • Pran was mostly known for doing negative roles, and roles of the villain in Hindi cinema. He was among those villains in that era who was paid more than the lead actors. There was a time when he was the highest paid actor after Rajesh Khanna.
  • Pran who has been awarded various prestigious awards and who has made his every character vibrant with his exceptional acting skills, but the interesting fact is, Pran always wanted to be a Photographer. He has also worked with some photography studio in the initial stage of his life.
  • Pran started his acting career in the year 1940 with the film “Yamla Jat”. Pran was very much fond of eating “paan” and that’s how he got his first movie. He met one famous scriptwriter Wali Mohammed on the shop of “paan” where he offered the film to Pran.
  • Pran is also known for his big heart and generous nature in the film industry. He signed the film Bobby just for Rs 1 because at that time Raj Kapoor was going through some financial career.
  • Pran left us on 12 July 2013 due to his prolonged illness but he is still alive in everyone’s heart due to magnificent acting. After the success of his role of villain in film “Ziddi”, he decided to make the career with this character mostly.
  • Pran never told his dad about his acting and even asked his sister not to tell father anything about his acting. He also has hidden the newspaper from his father, which carried his first interview.
  • He returned his Filmfare award which was given to him for supporting actor in the film “BEIMAAN” in 1972 because one more film “Pakeezah” which came in the same year, didn’t get any award despite its great performance. There is hardly any strong actor like him nowadays in the film industry.
  • Actor and Director Manoj Kumar made him do some different genre of acting apart from his negative role. He gave him the opportunity to work in the film UPKAAR after which he worked in various film in supporting roles.
  • He has also played the significant role in making Amitabh Bachchan because he was the one who recommended his name to the Prakash Mehra for the Film “ZANJEER”, and he also played the role of Sher Khan in this film.

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