PU Election – Incompetence Of Patna University

Colleges are meant to be a place where you can expect things to be fair; a place to be free from deception but the recent incidents do not go with such expectations. The recent SSC scam and now PU cancelled the election of student union after the charges of providing wrong affidavits and declarations at the time of filing their nomination papers.

The PU elections that took place on February 17, of which the results were declared the very next day created lots of buzz in the entire campus in the second last week of February as the election happened after five years. The Chancellor of Patna University Rash Bihari Prasad Singh cancelled the election of Divyanshu Bhardwaj (student of MA, Political Science) and Magadh Mahila College student Yoshita Patwardhan. They both were elected as the President and Vice President of the PUSU respectively.

The volunteers of different student organisations who filed a charge against the winners, adjured the university to revoke the entire election and hold a fresh election for all posts. The three-member inquiry committee was then set up. On the basis of inquiry report, headed by Pro – VC Dolly Sinha the elected post of the President and Vice President got cancelled.


The question is why after the election? Why not these inquiries were taken into consideration at the time of filling the nomination form?

According to the inquiry report, the candidature of Divyanshu Bhardwaj was not viable because he took admission in Himalayan University, Itanagar in the same academic session that is 2014 – 2017, when he was also a student of B N College under PU. According to UGC directives dated January 15, 2016, this is a clear-cut violation of the rule to be a candidate in the student’s union election. Whereas Yoshita Patwardhan, who was elected as a Vice President also provided wrong information about her academic session. She didn’t mention that she had an arrear in her paper and that she was promoted in next year. This is also a violation of the rule under the UGC directive policy.

Several protests took place after the declaration of this news as students were continuously asking for a fair investigation. Although the general secretary will take all the responsibility of the post which has been cancelled after inquiry report.

No doubt the education system of Bihar has gone really down in last few years. Be it Bihar topper scam, SSC scam, or the quality of education in universities. Student politics is one of the important pillars of college education and it should be fair enough so that eligible and deserving candidates get chance to enhance their leadership skill. Strong action needs to be taken in such cases to avoid similar incidents in future.

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