Radio – The Past, Present, and The Future of Entertainment

In India, the first Radio station “ALL INDIA RADIO (AIR)”, popularly known as AKASHVANI was launched on 8th June 1936. With the motive of “बहुजन हिताय बहुजन सुखाय”, AIR is the largest radio network and one of the largest broadcasting organizations in the world in terms of the number of languages broadcasted.


In Bihar, Radio plays an important role in people’s life. There was a time when every Chaupal in every village of Bihar used to adorn a Radio accessible to everyone visiting the Chaupal. Those were the days when people were dependent on news broadcasts by various Radio Stations across the country. Radio was also the only way to entertain Bihari’s via Bollywood music as well as local folk music broadcasts at a defined time.

In Bihar several new radio stations are functional. Gone are the days when the all radio stations were government-owned. At present several private FM channels are operational in Bihar and offering round-the-clock entertainment to radio lovers.


  • 91.1 Radio City
  • 98.3 Radio Mirchi
  • 93.5 RED FM
  • 95 BIG FM


The relation between radio and its listeners is always based on the mutual act of faith. Radio does not know its listeners, it never saw them and, for a long time, it never heard from them. Radio and its listeners have always been strangers to each other. For a long time, listeners were unaware of the person whose voice they were listening.

The radio and its audience believed in each other without knowing each other.

In the decades since, radio has emerged as the ultimate survivor adapting itself to the taste of the current generation of listeners and absorbing new technologies to lure them. In the decades of 80s and 90s, radio experienced threats posed by personal video recorders and digital compact discs through a greater emphasis on listeners driven entertainment. By the late ’90s and early 2000s, radio station started reinventing themselves to cater to niche audiences. Corporates (mainly media houses) also entered into this new segment of content delivery for purely professional reasons.

Television gives everyone an image, but radio Gives Birth to a million images in a million brains – Peggy Noonan

In my opinion, Bihar is among the states where people enjoy listening to the radio as a routine. The people of Patna mainly Youth follow and idolize their favorite RJ’s. Some of the RJs are even declared as Youth Icon. They follow them over social media or social sites like Facebook, Instagram etc.

On World Radio Day, let’s wish and contribute towards a golden future of the most ancient form of entertainment.

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