Right To Die With Dignity – The Much Required Verdict

Hey people, hope you all are doing great. Our last post was a little close observation on the shades of life that we all experience at some point of time in our lives. Yes, but it was not all there are many more aspects of life which is yet due to be explored or say, you never can get whole of it, you just can have more of it, and with time your experiences and theory about life keeps on changing and enhancing. The more you explore, the more you get mysterious, the more you get peppy. In this segment today we are going to talk about “Right to dignified life”.


Is it alright to end anyone’s life, if one wishes so?? Well this is something that really has a wider perspective and every one may have a different take on this which is perfectly fine.

Here at Patna Page 3, I am up with one of the perspectives which many of you might agree or few might not.

So, now let’s talk about the recent verdict passed by honourable Supreme Court on 9th March 2018, in which it made Passive Euthanasia legal.

This has raised various question among people about its moral and ethical concern. “Passive euthanasia involves the withdrawal of life support or termination of life-preserving medical treatment so that a person with a prolonged illness is allowed to die in the natural course.” It has further provided exclusion of “Advance Directive” or “Living Will” by a person, and withdrawal of medical treatment if he feels that he is suffering from irremediable diseases and has no chance of recovery to prevent pain or further suffering.


The whole idea behind this verdict is to give the “right to die”, that too with dignity, which means living a life where you don’t need some life support system or drug to just remain alive and suffer all the pain and agony. And your loved ones suffering seeing you go through this pain and agony. It’s good to free them from a life on the support system. Right!!! What’s the point of keeping the one alive with all that torment and pain? It’s better to sleep in peace than causing infinite pain for years.

Yes this is true that we cannot allow our loved ones to end their life but at the cost of what? continuous affliction? Trauma? undefined desolation? Can you see your dear ones in suffering and pain? No!! In fact, no one can and no one even wants this to happen. But as we say it never goes according to our wish. There is all in one somewhere who is running this world and no one is above him. If we take this on the moral ground, there is nothing wrong in this, like who will decide what’s right and what’s not? One must have the right to decide their journey. One must have the right to free themselves from extreme pain and suffering.

Many arguments came in against this issue referring the term like “Killing” and “Murder”. If this is murder then what would you call abortion?? Is that not a murder? You are killing a child when it’s not even born, and that is legalised of course under some circumstances, similarly, euthanasia is allowed under some valid circumstances.

Well all that matter is that allowing someone die if it’s releasing one from all the pain and tribulation. Everyone has the right to live life with joy all around.


There are several cases where a patient is kept alive with the support system for years and years. Who takes the responsibility to keep them safe. Who takes the responsibility to keep them unharmed from all evil souls. Aruna Shanbaug was raped in the hospital by the staff who was appointed by the hospital for her care. “Now if one is not safe even in the place and by people who are for their well being then how can you assure the security of such patient in any other place. She was allowed passive euthanasia after 40 years of support system to be alive.” This is heights like 40 years is not a small time period. 40 years in pain, in trauma, in misery is not fine at all.

This verdict will release many patients from all the pain and suffering that they are going through from years. This was absolutely required rather much-required verdict because it’s much better to die with dignity than living with so many grief and pain.

Anubha Rani

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