Sandhya – A Footballer From Bihar

You know where hard work and determination takes you. Read the story of Sandhya a girl from Chappra and a footballer, who will regain your faith in dreams and keep dreaming big and will also prove that circumstances don’t define you, you are the creator of your circumstances.

Success belongs to those who believe in their dreams. Struggles are required to survive in life because strength and growth both come with continuous effort. Wo kehte hai na- “Manzil Unhi ko milti hai jinke sapno me jaan hoti hai, pankho se kuch nai hota sapno se udaan hoti hai.” This is the story of Sandhya Kumari, who is making Bihar proud and making her dreams come true.

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Sandhya Kumari is representing our state in National women’s football tournament. Despite the economic crunch and various hardships, Sandhya chose to follow her heart and live her dream. In the state like Bihar where people still believe in government jobs to be safe in their life, sandhya decided to make a tough game like football as her career and not only chose but reached her destination.

National women’s football Tournament is being played in Cuttack from 28 January and Sandhya is playing outstanding as a goalkeeper of the team. She is performing really well in the tournament from the starting and even the opposing team member have appreciated her for smashing performance.

The journey becomes more beautiful when you have your family by your side to support you there in every adverse situation, Sandhya says – “she has been very lucky as her family has always been there when she needed them”. “When I took the admission for pursuing graduation in JP University, My neighbors asked my Father to start looking groom for me but my father completely denied and told me to focus on my dreams. He has always been my strength” sandhya added further while addressing to media.

Sandhya’s father is a Rajmistri (Labourer) in Chapra and has done lots of struggles to run his family properly, Though he never compromised with the studies of his children.

Sandhya has gone through many ups and down to be where she is today. Success and struggle are two sides of one coin, you cannot taste the success in your life until and unless you are determined towards it and have fight for what you want to achieve in your life.

Despite all the obstacle sandhya never took her step back and has set an example for the rest of the girls to go for their dreams and to never settle for just anything. She is an inspiration for many in her village as people who were talking against her earlier are now appreciating on her success.

However, success does not lie in “results” my friend, but in efforts. Being the best is not important, Doing the best is all that matters, so never let go of your dreams because life only changes when you become more committed to your dreams than you are to your comfort zone.

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