Sridevi – A Beautiful Journey But Mysterious End

Sridevi had a beautiful journey in Hindi film industry and ruled over four decades in the hearts of millions. But the accidental death of Sridevi has blown their fans into a breakdown and at the same time left everyone in ambiguity. No one would have ever thought that she could die of cardiac arrest although the twist came in the story after the postmortem report declared that the reason was not exactly as everybody was assuming and gradually it’s turning out to be a mystery now.

According to the recent reports she died of drowning in the bathtub of her room. However, there is still an enigma about all that happened in the room no 2201 of Jumerat Emirates Hotel of Dubai. Postmortem report also reveals that there were alcohol particles found in her body due to which she unconsciously fell in the bathtub and couldn’t get up again. It’s still like a dream for many of us or death hoax which we hear every day.

Sridevi in Yellow Dress

Well such incidents remind us that there is someone who runs this universe and no one can deny this fact that you cannot decide your destiny yourself, not at all. Sridevi lived her life to the fullest, in a way she wanted; she did everything for her happiness. Happiness is all that matters? Sometimes in our life, we become so focused on the finish line that we fail to find joy in the journey.

That’s what happened with her, she was always after reaching the destination but she never realized the significance of enjoying little things that were there in her life throughout her journey. Loving husband, lovely daughters, fame, money, everything was there but success is a journey, not a destination, enjoying the journey is much more important than the destination.

sridevi in nigahe

Conundrum continues as Dubai Police denied to handover the body of Sridevi to her family member. Despite it was mentioned in the postmortem report clearly that it’s a natural death, investigation took some serious shape as Dubai Police is investigating every single family member as well as the staffs of Hotel.

There are several unanswered questions which she has left after her and no one could ever know what exactly happened. It was expected that her mortal body will be brought to Mumbai on Monday morning, but still, it is stuck in legal formality. Dubai Police is investigating this mysterious case with every angle to know any murder possibility. Whatever it is, it has left all of us in a void (never to be filled) and we are going to miss Chandni for sure, for her beautiful journey which she lived with so much elegance and grace.

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