The Mysterious Journey Called Life

What is life? This is among the most mysterious question, no one could explain properly. Some or other way, the answer is always incomplete. In my opinion, it is all about how you see things around you.  Life does not demand anything ever. It never demands you to be the best, it just wants you to try your best. Everyone is so busy in their own life, they don’t even realize what is it they crave for, where is the destination! In reality, it is not about the destination but about the journey to reach the destination.



Life is tough rather say tougher, you have to face several ups and down in your life to taste all shades of it. You are going to meet various shades of people, some happy faces, some weird, some real, and some fake. They all are going to be a part of your journey. Experiences that you gain through this journey and with all faces you come across is life. Storms are going to be there at every point in life. You need to survive in every storm; you will never be the same person once you come out of it as every storm will cause its own share of changes in your own personality.

It takes nothing to join the crowd but it takes a lot of courage to stand alone. People come and go. Everyone comes in your life with their specific motive (temporary, long-term or permanent). Not everybody who comes in your life is there without any motive. You have to be strong, even if nobody stays by your side. Once you reach your destination, the same people who left you midway will come back to you. Not everyone will be genuine. The whole life is full of crazy experiments (with people, with incidents, with problems and their solutions). The more experiments you do, the better you’ll become.


What choices you make to take the chance in order to bring the change you want in life. Ultimately, it is all about choices you have, the chance you utilize, and changes you make. Choices that you have and you opt at every point in your life decide how things are going to work. Sometimes you make great choices and sometimes you make a mess. You regret, you genuinely do, you experience the WTF moment. But remember, chances you miss once are never going to come again. So be wise and make your choice wisely, without any emotional influence.


Sometimes you need to take tough decisions, the really tough one. Yes, nothing comes easily in life. You are never going to get what you want in one go. Life is not a happy journey always. If it is all happy, it is not real life. If there are no obstacles in life, the journey won’t be exciting. You need to prepare yourself for the changes we want, the choice we make, and the results it might bring in our life. The outcomes are not always as we plan or see it. So, you never know what life has planned for you in its wish list.

Whenever you feel this is it, life makes you realize what it is exactly! You feel frustrated, you feel betrayed, and you feel like venting out everything you hold inside. But everything cannot be said in any moment. Sometimes you have to be calm and silent over things disturbing you. Words cannot explain the grief or the turbulence going inside your mind and heart. It’s only you who can understand and it’s only you who need to fix it all.


As Oliver Goldsmith said:

Life is a journey that must be travelled no matter how bad the roads and accommodations.

No matter how many times you fail, no matter how many times you fall, no matter how many times you are betrayed; you should never stop getting up again and putting forth your best effort. You should never regret anything in life. Because if it is good, it is awesome; and if it is bad, it is an experience.

Sacrifices are going to be there, problems are going to be there, everything is going to be there. You have to go through a long journey, and it will not be the bed of roses. Be fearless in the pursuit what sets your soul on fire. Be the wings that motivate you to fly. Be the soul that motivates many others to fly high in the sky; without any limits, without any boundaries, and most importantly without any regrets. Don’t let anybody control your life or your dreams. It is your life, your dreams and only you should have the right to control it.


Take the journey even if you have to travel alone, for that it will make you strong. Take up the challenges and work hard towards your passion. Be good at the art of playing with expressions and hiding emotions because life starts at the end of your comfort zone. For the highs and lows and between the mountains and valleys and rivers and streams, you will learn how to be strong and stronger at the end of every phase.

Sometimes people around you won’t understand your journey. In fact, they do not need to understand, it is not their journey. It is for you and only you have to understand the essence, emotions and struggle it has. Why show everyone what you are going through and the struggle you are facing in your life? There is no need of explaining it to everyone because they won’t understand.

Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Focus, dedication, and hard-work always lead to success. It is clearly visible from the life of people who have achieved their dreams.

Today is the day my friend to start your journey, to start doing hard work and move towards achieving your goal.

Anubha Rani

I'm an avid reader, a foodie, and a movie buff; who is passionate about the positivity around us. I love to dream and convert those dreams into words. At one moment I'm inside a shell and the very next moment I'm the ferocious one. Dynamism is my forte. Apart from being a dreamer, I'm also a woman with a beating heart and a curious mind questioning traditional social norms. I'm a rebel at one moment and just opposite at the very next moment. My fuel is the smile of my son, the happiness of my family, and lots of coffee. I'm also not ashamed of spending money on buying books and to fill my (always empty) stomach.

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