“To Roller Skates – With Love: Bihar”

Summer Season is on, so does the Vacation! The best time when children can come out of their academic life and give some time to their circular life.  We are very well aware of the fact that these days, outdoor games are somewhere lacking behind, but with the efforts that the city itself is coming out, there is a sigh of relief in the city for the children.

Roller Skating

Yes, you’re right, here I am talking about Roller skating.  It’s all about fun, all about buying stuff like inline skates (which is also termed as Rollerblades).   This outdoor fun is surrounded with twists and turns, actually with full of fun but yes for beginners it is recommended to keep it simple at the initial level.

Be it early morning routine or with evening time, one can find city kids freely skating on various renowned streets of Patna. Let’s talk a bit more about them;


Gandhi Maidan:

Well, the most renowned area or can say the City Landmark, is not embellished with the kid’s park which has the opening time from 5 am to 8 pm in the evening. City kids can have more fun here with the skating. For city kids who are into skating, its considered to be the safe and secure place, because they are away from the moving cars or anything else to disturb their path.


Eco Park:

Parents are happy with the initiative taken by the City government authorities for the safety of kids around. Eco Park is actually one of them. Considering the crowd and enthusiasm of young skaters around the city, authorities have accomplished a separate lane for the skaters. Well, the government and the society is really welcoming the new era of Skaters in town.City Kids Skating


Patna High Court:

Santosh, Skating coach, and an Army officer said, “Well, I believe since Patna High court area is absolutely restricted for private vehicles, so according to me it’s one of the best places for the young skaters who are coming up front with the intention to learn and practice.

In addition to these public places accessible to all, there are several societies and apartment complexes in the city where they have ramp or pathways, which was originally meant for walking or jogging but they are also ideal for skating. This is a welcome change in a time when kids are more glued to the television and mobiles. Parents too are encouraging their kids to this outdoor adventure activity.

Jhunjhun Sinha

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