Types Of Teachers In Our Schools

5th September, celebrated every year as teacher’s day, so let’s remember some kinds of teachers all came across during our school and college days.

  • The Lazy one – We all had a teacher who used to crib in class, and never took any pain caused during the class. The things that caused them pain were converted into homework and playing the FLAMES game during their nap sessions was our religious ritual.

 Lazy One's_TZP Kaan me baal wala

  • Over Timer – Remember the moment when you want the bell to ring desperately and once it rang we all buckled up to get out of class, but the teacher wanted to finish the topic. We used to hate Over Timer teachers for killing our 5 precious minutes break between every period.

Over Timer_Bindu Main Hun Na

  • Weird Accent –We all had this one teacher with the weirdest accent, which made us laugh in their class, and saying this with experience, “mostly they were either Mathematics or Sanskrit teacher”. Their accent was so funny that they were the most mocked one during free periods.

Wiered Accent_Main Hun Na, Spitting One

  • Cool Bugs – They were the favourite ones, inspiring students in their own way and secretly we all wished to be like them. Nobody got bored or wanted the period to end when these cool ones were in class. They were the ones with most gifts on teachers day.

Cool Bugs_Amir Khan

  • Miss Sophisticated – We definitely had one poised teacher in our school, who used to be a fashion inspiration to every teenage girl, and who used to illustrate how to behave like a lady. With perfect teaching skills, accent, makeup, dress, shoes and walk, she ruled our heart.

Miss Sophisticated_Chitrangda Singh, Desi Boys

  • Strict One – Oh yes! The one who was the incharge of the disciplinary committee and every other committee that was made to ruin the happiness of little lambs (students) in school. There used to be a perfect silence and strange decorum (boringness) in the class. The notorious ones also used to be on backfoot in there class.

Strict One_`Shahrukh Khan, Chak De India

  • First Crush – Admit this!! We all had a teacher crush and fantasies for them. Mere the entry of that teacher made 40 hearts skip a beat and “Pehla Nasha Pehla Khumar” playing in everybody’s head.

First Crush_Sushmita Sen

  • Google – “The Ultimate Guru” – 3 years of college and there is no book on the shelf because we have Google – “The Ultimate Guru” in our hands.

Ultimate One_Google

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