Why We Need PadMan?

Yes!!! we bleed, Every month. Do we need to hide this?? Or should be ashamed on this??? Not at all. It’s a natural process and there is nothing to hide in it. It’s commendable that people are talking about menstrual hygiene now and taking up challenges to raise awareness among public. But why did we need a movie to talk on such conventional issue.

There are more than 40 percent girls in rural area who are not even aware about the sanitary pads and they use  some unhealthy ways for this. According to one of the survey more than 20 percent of girls in rural area get infected because of not using sanitary pads during menstruation, they either use cotton clothes or some other unhealthy items. This is because they are not even aware that something like sanitary pads are available, that would not only be hygienic but also easy to use.

Mensuration Effect

We talk about women empowerment, but more than 10 percent of girl are removed out of the school by their parents once they start menstruating, and the reason is they don’t have access to proper measures that could prevent them from stains and save from embarrassment followed by that. They are made feel like, how heinous crime they have committed. With such mindset how can we expect women to be empowered, if we continue making something natural as periods, a heinous crime.

There is no denial in the fact that movies are one of the greatest influence and a medium to address any issue in our country, where actors are worshiped as god and what they do or say is followed blindly by their fans. So, making a film that addresses the taboo related to periods on such big platform sure made some change, and will continue making such changes. This definitely is one big reason that director R. Balki came up with such great story that intend to make change in the stereotype mindset of people. Padman is one such inspiring and beautiful movie which has brought this issue outstandingly.

During Mensuration

Menstruation has always been one big taboo in this country that carry some ridiculous practices which disallow women from doing regular activities. You cannot enter the temple or any holistic place, you cannot enter to the kitchen area, you cannot do this, you cannot do that and bla bla!!!! There is huge list of hoo-shoo defined which you cannot do during your menstrual cycle just because you are impure when you are bleeding.

But who are the ones that will decide whether we are pure or not. There is nowhere mentioned in science or anywhere else about this criteria of defining pure or impure. Well that’s something which can never be sorted out. All we need is awareness and mindset to categorize things in particular context and at least make periods as normal as some other natural activity and also make underprivileged girls aware of the sanitation required during periods and avail them resources for a hygienic periods.


Menstrual hygiene is one significant issue in our country that need to be addressed with much wider perspective. Padman is great initiative towards this issue as Nobody has ever tried to touch this subject and make movie on this. Film based on real life story of Arunachalam Muruganantham – A small town entrepreneur and inventor of making low cost sanitary napkin machine for women in rural area. Awarded with Padma Shri Award Arunachalam is a real life Hero who dedicated his life for creating awareness regarding menstrual hygiene among women, specially among rural areas.

Menstrual hygiene is something that holds social relevance with it but from old age period girls are being told not to talk and discuss upon this issue as it’s something that need to be kept as dark secret. That’s the reason they use some unhealthy stuffs like leaves, rags and sand when they bleed which is very much harmful and lead to several infectious disease. The topic is still a stigma in the Indian society and such film on social issue definitely create much powerful impact more than anything else.

real life pad-man

But, The thing is why we need movie to talk on such universal issue. Menstrual hygiene is something that has been subject of concern from decades but no one has ever taken this issue seriously. Things need to be changed now. Girls should be educated about this subject in the school so that they could get comfortable in talking about this when they are in need. At the same time girls and women in rural areas should also be educated about the safe and healthy practices for menstruation.

At the end I just feel that it’s fine, it’s normal, its a biological process, we bleed. Why to create taboo. Let it be normal. Let not make women conscious about it by your absurd behavior. Let them enjoy their freedom no matter whether they are pure or impure.

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