TOBACCO BREAKS HEARTS – World No Tobacco Day 2018

हर फिक्र को धुंए में उडाता चला गया This song of Dev Anand gave an assumption of how your worries will evade eventually with the smoke of a cigarette, but worries actually get invited with this smoke of a cigarette. This year on World Tobacco Day we will know it’s effect on our heart.


Put It Out before it Puts You Out!


Tobacco Harm


 31st May, of every year, is recognized to be as The World No Tobacco Day. With WHO (World Health Organization) and its partners such as World Heart Federation, celebrates World “NO Tobacco Day”.

Every year on this day, WHO comes with the new way and highlights the new sign, causes and risks tied up with the consumption of tobacco and creates awareness to slow down the consumption rate.

Today WHO tweeted this stats about how Tobacco effects us and how many hearts are affected by the consumption of Tobacco.

This stat is scary, but many didn’t even realize the effects Tobacco is putting on our hearts.

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.” – Aristotle

 2018th World No Tobacco Day came up with the idea of “Heart – Broken Tobacco”, that actually shows the link between tobacco and heart.

This campaign of WHO basically took the initiative to make people aware about the link in between tobacco and Cardiovascular Disease (CVD) and to promote the best possible initiatives and actions to be undertaken to reduce the effect.

Let’s find out the facts behind the truth:

 According to a report published by WHO:-

  • Cardiovascular diseases (CVD) is the major cause of death worldwide, it is second after high blood pressure.
  • Direct smoke or second-hand smoke both contributes to approximately 17% of all heart-related
  • The data of second-hand smoke deaths is also very interesting, out of 7 million people dying by the use of tobacco, 9 lacs are non-smokers dying from breathing second-hand smoke.

This data becomes scarier when 1 billion smokers worldwide belong to a middle or low-income category, and their families almost break financially after a tobacco-related illness, because, use of tobacco might be pocket-friendly my friend, but the cost of illness is not at all pocket-friendly.


So, “think about your Family”…

This year the campaign aims at:-

  •  Making you aware of the link between Tobacco and your heart.
  • Increase awareness among the mass of the impact which the use of tobacco and exposure to second-hand smoke has on your hearts health.
  • Encourage public, governments, and others to make commitments to promote heart health by awaring and restricting people from use of tobacco products.
  • Encourage countries to strengthen implementation of the proven MPOWER tobacco control measures contained in the WHO FCTC.

Let’s talk about what is MPOWER tobacco control measures, “the WHO MPOWER measures are in line with the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (WHO FCTC) and can be used by governments to reduce tobacco use and protect people from NCDs (Narcotics Control Division)”.

With the initiative taken up by the government, WHO encourages the mass number of the audience all around the world to protect each other from the harm caused due to the consumption of tobacco.  An initiative which was implemented includes:

  • The development of smoke-free public places, workplaces and public transport.
  • Help for people who want to quit smoking, such as free hotlines.
  • Set up the simple packaging or warning signs on tobacco packaging.
  • Increase taxes on tobacco products to make them less

So, this World Tobacco Day pledge to quit tobacco, not only for your well being but also for the well being of your family.

“Because a cigarette says, today you turn me into ashes, but tomorrow is my turn”.

Jhunjhun Sinha

I love citing my thoughts into words, also to learn and surround myself with positive surroundings. I am a painter and passionate about drafting colors into a piece.

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